Preventable Austin Wedding Disasters – Heat, Kids and Shots

The Austin bartenders at Austin Bartending Co. of Austin, Texas have worked hundreds of events. We have a pretty good idea of what makes an Austin wedding fun and what puts a damper on the party.

Here are our Austin bartender’s top three Austin wedding preventable disasters:

The Austin HEAT

Everyone loves an outdoor wedding – except guests at Austin weddings during May, June, July, August, September and most of October.

Give your guests a break! They are giving up a summer weekend, spending money and wearing long pants on a hot summer day. Do them a favor and have your event inside – in air conditioning!

We worked weddings last summer that even John Ashcroft would consider torture! Men in suits, ladies in dresses sitting on hot folding chairs in the direct sun. We saw grown men sweat through their suit jacket!

So, while you are planning your Austin wedding this December – just remember what summer is really like in Texas!

Consider the KIDS

We worked a wedding reception recently where the bride paid for a nanny to mind the kids during the ceremony and reception. Great idea!

However, one set of young parents ended up retrieving their two little darlings (aged 3 & 5) and got them involved in the dancing and even the bouquet toss.

Yikes – the kids, or rather the parents, let their kids run around like crazy! The children were yelling, running around and out of control. It was very, very distracting.

Tell your guests, that while you (might) love their child, it would be nice for the parents to have a quiet, kid-free night alone with other adults! Your other guests will appreciate it very much!

Maybe no SHOTS

We are Austin bartenders – we can make shots that will please anyone! But shots should be avoided at weddings.

Nothing good ever, ever came after lots of shots!

We worked a wedding where an off-duty Austin police officer was working security. Unfortunately, the groom liked his shots and did quite a few at his table from his “personal” bottle. The Austin police officer had us cut the groom off – and we complied.

Imagine introducing your new spouse to your friends and family and he/she is a drunken mess? First impressions are lasting impressions!

Therefore, tell that “wild” groomsmen or bridesmaid – you know the one who is going to yell, “Tequila shots for everyone!” that you want your wedding to be fun, but not a drunken disaster.

Besides the danger of driving home, there are reputations as stake as well!

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