Top Five Austin Bartenders for your Holiday Party

Did you know that hiring an Austin bartender for your holiday party is the best present you can give yourself this year?

We provide top-rated Austin bartenders for corporate events, private parties, weddings, art openings, book signings – or any event where you want to offer your guests a drink! We can provide up to five experienced bartenders for your Austin event!

Of course our Austin bartenders will serve drinks and mix up exotic signature cocktails, but we do much more!

Our Austin bartenders for hire will also:

• Arrange a complimentary on-site visit at the venue to discuss party planning and bar placement. (Hint: Your guests will go to the bar, so put the bar where you want your guest to be!) You get to meet your Austin bartender before the event!

• Create a personalized alcohol shopping list – including recommended quantities and types of alcohol. You may love a good gin & tonic, but we know your guests will first request a Deep Eddy Ruby Red & soda!

• Create a personalized non-alcoholic shopping list, with those items you would have forgotten, such as ice, napkins, cups, mixers, fruit garnish, etc.

• We provide a FREE bar, all bar tools and tubs for beer, wine and water.

• We purchase, pick up and transport the ice for you in our large ice chests! How else would you handle and store 140 pounds of ice?

Austin Bartending Co has worked close to 250 events in the last two years. We are experts in what we do – and it shows!

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