Best Austin Bartenders

Austin Bartending Company is a team of TABC certified beverage and food professionals who will service your party or events. Each party is unique and therefore we custom fit each party. See our full extended list of bartending services we provide. Our passion for craft cocktails has grown with the Austin’s interest in discovering creative libations.

Austin's #1 Professional Mobile Bar Service

photo of mobile bartender in Austin We provide the ultimate professional mobile bar service in Austin. We take care of all the details of your events making party planning easier. Looking for a professional bartender to serve you and your guests at your next event or party? All of our Austin bartenders are Texas Alcohol Beverage Control (TABC) certified – meaning they have been tested and certified by the State of Texas. Mobile Bartending is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. All of our Austin TX bartenders are covered by our $3 million Liquor Liability Insurance – very important as Texas has a “Host Liability” law on the books!

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