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Recommendations for guests visiting Austin

If you’re getting married in Austin, chances are that many of your friends and family members don’t just live down the road.  But, since Austin becoming such a major tourist destination in Texas, many out-of-town guests might well jump at the chance to accept the invitation to your wedding.

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Obviously, these out-of-town guests will go to great lengths and spend a lot of money to be a part of your special occasion, so it’s your responsibility to greet them, show them around, and keep them entertained. Providing a list of activities on your wedding site’s Things-To-Do section is a great way to make your wedding guests feel welcome.

With that in mind, here are some ideas to help them stay entertained and make them feel as at home as possible.

Fun and Family Activities in Austin

Austin, the capital of the US city of Texas is a real paradise for visitors to spend their holidays. Be it a friend’s wedding, your honeymoon trip, or a family vacation plan it in Austin – this place has so many fun activities to offer to the tourists that once you enter Austin, you don’t feel like leaving this magical land.

There is an endless list of activities to do in Austin. To give a short idea we list below some popular activities that everybody loves:

Check out the Austin Museums

While you are in Austin, the first thing to do is you are very near to the classic museums that nobody would like to miss onto! Elisabeth Ney Museum features Elisabeth’s incredible sculpture work and you and your family can take a nice trip to this museum absolutely free! Austin Museum of Art is another best museum in Austin; you can enjoy award-winning exhibitions of modern art in this museum.

Relax at the Town Lake

You may get a little perplexed about the lake we are talking about. To be specific, we are talking about the Colorado River in Texas, the spot where it slows down and forms a lake in downtown Austin is called the Town Lake. This river further widens and forms another lake named Lake Travis. If you are a real lake lover, you can freak at Lake Travis for boating, skiing, and fishing, etc.

Enjoy a Sunset at The Oasis

The Oasis is an Austin institution located on Lake Travis. It is a big institution that has hundreds of decks where you can sit, eat and enjoy a lovely sunset. This is a very common act done by tourists and the locals as well. You will see the real Austin colors with the mixed crowd present at Oasis in Austin. You will somewhat fall in love with the place on your maiden visit. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor sitting arrangement, so even if it is raining you can spend time near the lake.

Take a Visit to Texas State Capitol

The next thing to do in Austin is a visit to The Texas State Capitol down on Congress Avenue. The things are really bigger here; this architectural wonder is taller than the U.S. Capitol building. You enjoy free access to Texas Capitol. Now that’s what we call, two birds in hand! Just pamper your soul while standing in the middle of the bottom floor and looking up at the lavishly decorated dome high above you. Along with fun you also get familiar with various laws in Austin.

Congress Avenue Bridge

Then there is the Congress Avenue Bridge which houses the largest collection of Mexican bats in the world. At the onset of March, some 1.5 million bats hole up in the interiors of the bridge’s expansion as well as contraction areas. The environment is very ideal for raising young bats. The bats then get out of their zones late in the afternoon. Watching the bats has become a tourist attraction in the area, with an estimated 100,000 visitors going to the place annually.

Have Fun with Esther’s Follies

Another great thing to do in Austin is paying a visit to Esther’s Follies, a live comedy show in a small theater located in the heart of the city, at Sixth Street. The fun and laughter out there in the theater with leave you light and cherished for the evening. And while you are there at the theater you can go out for some shopping and eating to the Austin downtown.

Plan an Austin Tour

If you look forward to a well-planned thing to do in Austin, just book a city tour. These tour packages are available at very affordable prices along with full security to you and your family or friends. Some of the tours available are the Segway Tours, Ghost Tours, Guided Walking Tours, Duck Tours, Riverboat Cruises, and Capital Cruises. You will absolutely love these guided tours that help you know Austin better and are also time-saving.

Live Music

But it is undeniable that the city will always be remembered and cherished for its vibrant live music scene. The official slogan of the city is in fact, The Live Music Capital because it has the most number of music venues than any other area in the United States. The music in the city is very much concentrated on nightclubs located at the 6th Street. There is also a yearly festival for film, multimedia, and music dubbed South By Southwest (SXSW). Likewise, there is a growing circle of live performances placed like bars and theaters in the city.

Austin City Guide

With its rich history, culture, and tourist attractions, there is no wonder why many tourists are falling in love with Austin.

These are only a listed few things to do in Austin, there are many more fun activities that attract a lot of tourists rush all year round. The festivals keep going on all through the year. To name a few festivals: the Bat festival, the Eeyore’s Birthday Party, the citywide Cinco De Mayo celebration, Austin’s fabulous fine Arts Festival, the Carnival Brasillero, the Celtic Festival, Music and Film Festival, and more. Austin has activities for young and old, maybe that’s the reason it has a good number of tourists each year.

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